Install Ubuntu on Surface Pro 3?

Prepare to spend  hours and, if you get it done, you’ll end up with an unofficial kernel to get all of Surface Pro’s hardware working. The issue is the UEFI boot system. You’ll need to disable Secure Boot, install Ubuntu and then prepare to work on boot issues for a few hours. Install, reinstall, and, if you finally get it running, you’ll need a second system and a spare USB to install updates as Wifi, Bluetooth, Typecover, Camera and just about every bit of hardware that makes a Surface Pro 3 a Surface product will not be functioning.

Unfortunately, it isn’t worth it. Save all the grief and install Fedora Workstation. You’ll still need to disable Secure Boot but, after that is out of the way, you’ll have zero issues and just about everything will work straight away.

If you’re in the market for a Linux system and are eyeing the Surface line with the idea of swapping the OS, don’t do it. If it is a new Surface you’ll void your warranty by replacing the OS and mucking around with Secure Boot. You can find cheaper hardware that will run Linux without any issues elsewhere. If you want high end, head on over to Dell and checkout their desktops and laptops created specifically for developers. They’ll ship with Ubuntu.

Happy Linuxing!

Forge: How to cd into /var/log/nginx when permission is denied by the default user

I have a server on DigitalOcean setup by Forge to host a Laravel power project. Things are good then the site goes down. Hmm, let’s check the logs. Logs are located at /var/log/nginx for access and error but… I can’t cd into nginx. 🙁 Big. ol. Frown. Face.

The platform re-emerged and I vowed to return to the issue again. I did, after the thing went down again. Still no cd’ing into nginx. Not even a sudo cd which, after reading an article, is a nonsensical command.

So here’s the solution.

sudo su cd /var/log/nginx

sudo su allows you to run all commands as root. Something I didn’t know how to do with Forge as you get a sudo password but not a root user. Now that we are root we can cd into nginx. All is good.

IMPORTANT!!! Don’t run a command as root unless you have to. sudo su back to your user account (ex: sudo su forge) before going back to hacking your way through ubuntu jungle.